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What makes EPDM Rubber so unique?

EPDM rubber is so unique product

EPDM rubber is so unique product to be used as compare to old traditional ways of repairing and preventing leaks. Many factors are here to make it unique. First thing is its chemical structure. EPDM Rubber can be a liquefied version of a synthetic rubber typically spoken as EPDM. Shortcuts in the manufacturing process have been vanished, to get the highest quality only highest quality materials are used insuring long-term durability with roofs.

The EPDM rubber is easier to use and can fill cracks and crevices

The liquefied version rising on to the market, rolls of the rubber were used for waterproofing roofs first. Now EPDM Rubber has to be applied to a decent vary of roofing materials alongside metal, covering many type of materials. It could not be done by any other product till now to cover the variety of materials and be effective in same level.  The EPDM rubber is also applied to settled and asphalt-based coatings (with the use of the ProFlex primer). Professional’s choice for Roof Repair is EPDM rubber.

Environmentally safe EPDM rubber

Environmentally safe EPDM rubber does not harm full for nature and environment, it can’t be said about any of the other sealant on the market. Its ultra-violet powerful resistance to and ozone resistance and its chemical bonding properties are extra advantages. It is puncture resistant and completely odorless surface after being cured differentiate it from common sealant. Its Resistant to the most extreme temps -40 degrees to 300 F is exceptional.

EPDM rubber EPDM can withstand for a year

Ponding water is enemy for flat roofs, EPDM rubber can withstand for a year without losing its adhesion. It is an open challenge for other product to make that type of claim with proof. EPDM Rubber manufacturers provide all required information for applying it through video. Its application is as easy as applying paint. Six times thicker than other standard elastomeric and acrylics EPDM Rubber really differ from all other products available in market and results show the truth. Seams never bother you to be inspected for years after applying EPDM rubber. See Details


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